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MDF Crown Moulding Installation Options Simple Linear MDF Crown Moulding

More and more customers are choosing simple linear moldings (or Cornices) for their homes. Homes change hands frequently in today's market and this  means that a home has to be decorated in such a way that it appeals to a much broader audience, allowing for a better chance of making a sale. Contemporary and more modern tastes are also changing the way  people look at crown moldings in their home. The linear moldings allow people decorate their homes with any style of furniture and decor, from contemporary to antiques to embellished fancy carved wood furniture.

   The housing market in the GTA is heating up, this means there is competition to sell your home. If you are looking to set yourself apart from the other homes in your area, consider the addition of Crown Molding. It will not only  increase the value of your home but it may allow your home to sell faster because of it's increased visual appeal. 

MDF Crown Molding Bedroom   If you have just bought a new home, the installation of MDF Crown Mouldings will finish your home. Builders in the Greater Toronto Area are charging exorbitant prices, sometimes doubling the price of cornices installed by outside contractors.  Why give the builder extra money? you can skip the builder moldings, call us for professional Crown Moulding Installation and use the money you saved on a new Lawn Mower or Patio Set. 


If you're considering the installation of MDF Crown Mouldings/Cornice in your home, 
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Have a look at our Selection of Simple MDF Crown Molding

  Symmetrical 5 & 7 Inch MDF Crown Molding

Symmetrical MDF Crown Moulding Symmetrical MDF Crown Moulding Installation

The Symmetrical Profile is a classic colonial moulding design that is timeless. This molding can be used just about anywhere in your home and is extremely versatile.  

Tuscan 5, 7 and 9 Inch MDF Crown Moulding

 Tuscan MDF Crown Moulding Installation   Tuscan MDF Crown Moulding

The Tuscan Profile is a play on the classic Georgian profile, you will note the similarities. The only difference is the extra bumps at the bottom of the profile. If you are looking for a plaster alternative, this is it.

Deep Cove 5 & 7 Inch MDF Crown Moulding

Deep Cove MDF Crown MoldingDeep Cove MDF Crown Moulding Installation    
The Deep Cove makes a statement on your ceiling, it is much thicker; allowing it to stick out further on your ceiling. It is reminiscent of the simple plaster mouldings used in post war bungalows.

Milan 5, 7 and 8 Inch MDF Crown Moulding

Milan MDF Crown Moulding Milan Crown Moulding Installed

The Milan profile is a top heavy profile that really stands out in any room. It is the perfect choice for larger rooms with high ceilings. Milan is not just a name, it is well suited to fit into any modern home or decor.

Georgian 5 & 7 Inch MDF Crown Moulding

Georgian MDF Crown Moulding.Georgian Crown Moulding


The Georgian profile has been around since the 1700's however don't let that hold you back from using it in your home. It is the most versatile of all the profiles, from modern to colonial.


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