Column Installation FAQ

Capital Columns Frequently asked Questions

What are you columns made from?
We offer a variety of different column materials. Each column is used for different situations, the type and material that would work the best for each situation will be determined during a site visit. Fiberglass, PVC, Wood and Vinyl are all available. Certain columns are only available in certain materials depending on the style and shape.

Are your columns load bearing?
Fiberglass and PermaCast round columns are load bearing if they are installed uncut(Vertically). The minute you split them vertically the column becomes strictly decorative. Fiberglass and PermaCast Square columns are also load bearing. PVC Column Wraps are strictly decorative.Click for the Load Bearing Chart and Legacy Report.

Can I just replace the column base?
The problem is that there are no replacement bases available that can accommodate your existing column. Your current column is probably resting on top of your damaged base, removing the base requires a re installation. For only a few dollars more you may as well get a new fibreglass column installed.

Does Capital Columns include the cost of painting the Columns or Crown Moldings?
Painting IS NOT included in the quoted price of installation. All columns are finished, caulked and sanded however we do not paint the columns. We recommend you use CIL SMART 3 Exterior 100% Acrylic to paint your columns once completed. This is both a Primer and Paint in one and can be colour matched to any colour at your local Big Box Store.

Our Crown Moldings come primed white and once installed are ready for a finish coat of paint. Our Installers sand, fill, caulk with paintable latex caulking and re-prime sanded areas.

Is painting offered by Capital Columns and Trim?
Painting of Columns is available for an additional cost.

Are there any extra costs apart from the price of the column?
Extra costs include the following which are encountered often.

1.Concrete work is necessary when we encounter a Tiled porch that has tiles or Inter Locking bricks installed around the old column base. Generally the space that needs to be filled is no more than 4” deep, we need to fill the space with concrete in order to install the load bearing column onto the newly poured slab. Although we use fast setting concrete, we have to wait 24 hrs in order for it to cure, this means we have to come back a second day to complete the installation.

2.Cutting of Steel supports. Some wood columns are installed in 2 vertically cut pieces around a steel support similar to one you would find in an unfinished basement. When we encounter this situation, the steel is braced into the existing concrete. With this in mind, we have to cut out the existing steel support in order for our 1 Piece Fiber Glass column to be installed. It is important to install a fiberglass column in one piece because it losses it’s load bearing ability when it is split vertically.

Does Capital Columns take the old columns or waste away for disposal?
Our installers will clean up after themselves and the area they worked in, bag their garbage and try to minimize the amount of waste to be disposed of however we leave the waste in your garage for pick up on garbage day.

Will Capital columns Re Install my existing Railing onto the New Columns?
We can re install existing railing onto new columns however there is an additional cost associated with this. The re installation takes time to do properly and is less expensive than getting brand new railings. There are however exceptions, certain Aluminum railings cannot be re installed due to the structure of the railing itself, in this case, you would be required to purchase new railings in order to replace the columns.

Will the new columns be the same as my old ones?
Chances are that the new fiberglass columns will not be the same as your old wood columns. Typically the fiberglass columns are slightly smaller in diameter than your existing wood columns. The difference in size does not make too big a difference when being installed alone however when there are railings involved, the difference in diameter means a lot. We can help alleviate this by re installing your railing using fillers or cutting where necessary for an additional charge.


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