Crown Moldings

MDF Crown Moulding Installation

Professional Crown Molding Installation can have an incredible effect on the look and character of your home for a very small cost when compared to other renovations you may do. Our MDF Crown Molding options brilliantly define the character of any room and serve only to enhance the overall beauty of your entire home. In less than a day our professional teams of installers can have over 400 feet of MDF crown moulding installed with no damage to your newly painted walls or newly installed hardwood floors.

Capital Columns and Trim only Installs MDF Crown Molding/ Contact Us for Crown MouldingCornices. MDF offers the advantages of finger joint pine, without the disadvantages. We use only the best quality Hardwood MDF which makes a big difference in the longevity and durability of the crown molding. The prices of MDF can vary greatly due to the content of Hardwood included in the manufacturing process. There is inexpensive foreign made MDF Crown Moulding which is softer, less durable, leaks chemicals and will shrink quickly. Many unscrupulous trim installation companies will try to sell you this material, it will look like a ridiculously good deal until you consider the quality and possible hazards. Our Crown Molding MDF is all Canadian Hardwood which is heavier, harder, and more stable meaning that the likely hood of seams appearing are greatly reduced. The grain is tighter so paint will adhere better to an all Hardwood MDF Moulding. We pay a slight premium for this material to get this quality. It means happy customers in the long run, that means something to us. Crown Moulding or Molding installation is available anywhere in the Toronto / GTA.

Simple/ Linear Crown Moulding Designs

Many homeowners are installing simple MDF crown molding in their homes, this allows for any style of furniture to be used. We offer 5 different styles of moldings and various sizes to suit different ceiling heights. Using simple MDF Crown Moulding is less expensive than installing fancier embossed moouldings. Some homeowners choose to install the simpler moldings in the main hall and family room while reserving the fancier embossed crown moldings in the formal dining and living rooms. Other homeowners choose simple crown moldings for the entire house.

Patterned Crown Moulding Designs

Patterned crown molding are making a comeback in the formal areas of today’s modern .home. Patterned Moldings add a touch of elegance and class to your Dining and Living areas and can be matched up with a Ceiling Medallion that has a similar design. You can mix and match these patterns with other styles of crown moulding providing that are similar in shape and cut. Embossed Crown Moulding can also be faux finished to make it look antique or to define the patterns more clearly. The embossed design on our mouldings is an MDF paste product that gives you a crisp design while maintaining the integrity of the MDF Crown Moulding base material.

Capital Columns’ MDF trims are primed with a lacquer-based primer,which provides a clearly superior paint surface to products primed with water-based primer. The result is a smooth finish that requires little paint and almost .no sanding to finish. We offer both Simple and Embossed Patterned Crown Mouldings, whichever style you choose, we have designs that will meet your distinctive decorative taste.

A Professional Crown Moulding Installation is important, Faults, Nail Heads and Seams will show up quickly if the installer did not take the proper precautions when installing. If the little details are overlooked, you will see joint and corner seams within a few months. These joints can be easily filled in with Spackling or Plaster of Paris but the inconvenience of having to call the installers back and take time off work is not necessary if it’s installed properly.

Calling Capital Columns will put you in contact with experts who install MDF crown molding all over the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) on a daily basis. Invite us out to have a look at your home; we’ll give you our professional opinion. We will then give you a quote based on the measurements and your Crown Moulding selection. Our quotes are written up on the spot on an actual invoice not on the back of a card. Our sales team prides itself on punctuality and will show up on the day and the time we arranged with you. The installation team will arrive the morning of the install with everything they require to finish the job. Our teams can install 250-400 feet of Crown Moldings in a day depending on the situation. Once finished our team cleans up after themselves leaves your space the way they found it.

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