Wainscoting FAQ

Wainscoting FAQ

What is Wainscoting?
Wainscoting is a decorative paneling that commonly adorns the lower part of walls and stairways. It can be found in upscale homes, offices, conference rooms and other assorted commercial spaces. Wainscot adds architectural interest and detail to otherwise bare walls.

What material is your wainscot made of?
Our Wainscot is made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). See “What is MDF?” below

What is MDF?
MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard, which is composed of sawdust, and a specially formulated resin (glue) mixed together. This product is then compressed in several stages, thus giving a finished product. MDF has become very popular in the trim carpentry, furniture, and kitchen industries.

Where can Wainscoting be used in a home?
Wainscot can be added to any wall in any room in a house, including the kitchen, entry foyer, stairways, dining room and the formal living room. We also recommend it for en-suites or bathrooms. Any room can benefit from the use of Wainscoting.

Are there limitations on where I can install your wainscot?
The beauty of Wainscot is that it can be installed anywhere. Not all walls are the same but thankfully our Wainscot is easily customizable so we are very flexible with regards to where it can be installed. It lends itself to curved walls, short walls or high walls. The only limitation is that it is for interior use only.

What types of Wainscot options does Capital Columns have?
Capital Columns offers 5 different “standard” Wainscot options however there are variations in each style that can be applied to every different situation we encounter. We offer Raised Panel Wainscoting, Flat panel Wainscoting, Wall Panel Wainscoting, Beadboard, Cottage style Beadboard and Wainscot Accent Walls. Some of the options can be used to cover up damaged or warped walls while others require a clean, flat surface, it all depends on your existing situation or design needs.

What is a primed finish?
Primed finish or priming refers to the preparation stage of the mouldings. All of our MDF products are required to be primed with an industry standard sealer that is referred to as primer. This sealer/primer penetrates and seals the MDF so that the finish coat of paint can be applied with ease.

How do I finish my wainscot once it’s installed?
Our Wainscot comes primed (white) and ready to accept paint. Following the installation of the wainscoting and finishing (filling of nail holes, etc.), any quality latex or oil-based paint may be applied.

Does your Wainscoting shrink?
All MDF mouldings shrink minimally. For every 16 feet of molding installed (1 piece) a shrinkage factor of 1/16″ occurs. A proper installation is necessary to minimize or eliminate shrinkage.

How does you alleviate the problem of shrinkage?
The problem of shrinkage is alleviated in the installation process. We use specifically formulated MDF glue that when used forms a strong bond that virtually eliminates shrinkage. Along with this glue, an installation process of pinning with brad nails every 8″ on 45-degree angles also enhances the probability of a proper installation.

Do my Baseboards need to come off for installation?
We install many styles of wainscoting, some of which do not require the removal of Baseboards. Appliques do not require removal, with this in mind, we recommend that you change the baseboards at the same time as the applique installation or prior to installation. This is due to the fact that the height of the baseboards cannot be changed after the Appliques are installed. If you are having any other type of wainscoting installed, the baseboards will likely have to be removed. Removal of Baseboards is offered by Capital Columns and Trim however you can save a few dollars by removing the baseboards yourself.

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