Wainscoting Installation

Wainscoting is often overlooked when home owners consider a renovation however it will make a significant impact when finished. In years gone by, paneled wainscoting was used to protect the walls from dents or gouges, it was a decorative touch with a practical application. In today’s world of inexpensive rushed home building it’s very rare to see ld orld touches in a new home unless you pay a huge premium or build your own home.

Thanks to advances in manufacturing, Capital Columns is able to bring this essential decorative element to you at fraction of the cost when compared to hiring a Carpenter to custom make Wainscoting on site. Paneled Wainscoting can be installed in just about any room in your home, from Bead Board in your Mudroom, Laundry Room or Kitchen to Raised Panel Wainscoting.

All our MDF wainscoting products are made using only the best Canadian Hardwood which means that our wainscoting is extremely durable and will not nick, mar or scratch as easily as less expensive MDF.

We offer many different styles, sizes and materials to suit any home owners budget. If there is something you saw in a magazine or a resort, we can customize our wainscoting options to come close or match your desired look. Our professional teams of installers will work closely with you create the look you want at a price you can afford. Once it’s all said and done, you won’t recognize your home and better yet, you won’t believe the price. Contractors in Toronto/GTA offer wainscoting but few know what they are talking about. Most of our competition will offer you “Wall Frames” or Appliques as their only wainscoting options. We are one of very few companies in the Toronto /GTA to offer real wainscoting.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will consult with you and talk to you about the available Wainscoting options that we offer for installation. Wainscoting comes in many shapes, cuts and materials, call the experts to guide you through your installation.

Wainscoting Design Options

Wall Panel Wainscoting will make a beautiful statement in any room of your home. It is a very flexible wainscoting style in that it lends itself well to very contemporary or very formal rooms. It’s standard height is 38″ however it can be easily customized to go up any height wall regardless of ceiling height. This style of Wainscoting uses the existing walls as the panel, it is an affordable way to get the look of wainscoting without paying for extra material or labour required to size and make the panels that other wainscoting styles require.

Bead Board is the perfect choice when you want to protect a wall from damage but still give it a decorative touch. We’ve installed Bead Board in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Mud Rooms, Kids Rooms and Nurseries. When you think of Bead board, you think country, but that’s not always the case, it can be a very modern touch is installed and painted the right way. We offer 2 different types of Bead board in MDF, from Sheet Bead board to Plank Style Bead board, one is right for you. Waterproof Bead Board is also available for installation. By using Cellular PVC Beadboard we can guarantee that your beadboard will not deteriorate over time due to water damage. The PVC Bead board is paintable and will look great in any area with moisture issues.

Wainscot Accent Walls are an extension of standard Wainscoting. These walls are meant to make a statement, you can Accent one wall or Accent a whole room. Any of our wainscoting options are available for an Accent Wall installation.Our Design consultants will sit down and discuss the amount of square/rectangles you want to see, the height, and the style of wainscoting to be used in the Accent Wall. We will provide you pictures and drawings for your approval prior to the installation. Installing an Accent Wall is not for the faint of heart as they make a very bold statement once installed in a room.

Shaker Style Wainscoting has a very understated elegance that is brought about by using simple lines and flat sections. It is a true wainscoting in that is has a thin panel that is inserted into the Stiles and Rails that make up the upper and side portions. This is the perfect choice for a Dining Room or Living Room as it is very formal. As with many of our other wainscot options, the Shaker style can also be customized to go up the entire height of the wall, tiered and capped with a Plate Rail. You can choose any panel size, thin, wide, tall or short.

Raised Panel Wainscoting borrows many of the same characteristics of the Shaker Style Wainscoting however it has a much thicker panel that has a large reveal along the edge. Hence the name Raised Panel. Installing this style of wainscoting is a large undertaking that will take multiple days for installation due to the process of shaping each individual panel on site. The Raised Panel Wainscoting is entirely a custom installation as all walls in a home are a different size. Once installed however, the Raised Panel Wainscoting will definitely stand out.

Applique Wainscoting is the most recognizable type of wainscoting, most homeowners have tried installing Appliques themselves without knowing that there is an art to installing them properly. Appliques have been seen in Europe’s Grandest Castles embossed in gold, they will definitely add an elegant touch to any room in your home, With that said, Appliques can also be part of a contemporary look, when installed and painted properly. There are endless combinations when it comes to finishing Appliques.
Price will vary depending on the size of the individual frames and size of material desired.

Custom Wainscoting is often requested by our most design consciousCustom Wainscoting Installation customers, it’s suggested when the run of the mill wainscoting just isn’t good enough. There are an endless amount of wainscoting styles that can be made from an even larger selection of small trims. Our Design Consultant will sit down with you and go over the various samples to see what works best. We will then provide drawings, pictures of the trim and a price based on your choices. These installations are entirely custom for each job and everything is manufactured on site. Think of something, or send us a picture of something you saw somewhere and we can probably make it a reality in your home.
Price will vary depending on the amount of work and material involved.


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